Dristi Patel

We believe that our Gokul Physiotherapy College proves its standard focusing on our career and a level of knowledge to students & mould the students to enhance the ability & potential to meet their goals.

Divya Beri

Studying in Gokul Physiotherapy College is great ,the atmosphere is extremely supportive & encourage us for learning.The faculty is friendly,experienced & motivating. Neat &clean classrooms & laboratories.

Vipul Thakor

Our Gokul physiotherpay college provide the best knowledge. Our faculty is very friendly and helps in reaching our goals. The vibe of the college is very great .The college also provide us clinic posting that helps us treating patients with studies too. I love my College.

Muskan Palasara

Our college is best in studies as well as very rich in cultural programs and other sports activity. The transport facility is one of the best. The atmosphere of the college is also clean n pure and also the best library. I feel proud to be a part of this college.

Yashvi Rajput

I am studying in Gokul Physiotherapy College and I am so glad to have such campus like this. Environment of college is very nice because of that we can gain more knowledge. All faculty's are good and we can easily understand and communicate with them.Students are also good and overall it's great to study here..

Pooja Patel

I am glad that I got admission in Gokul physiotherapy college. The staff members are so friendly with us that even we are not hesitate to ask some questions. At any time they are always ready to solve our doubts. The campuses also provide us references in the library so that we can easily find our answers. In short my college is the best college.