HR Principles

Human resources are often thought to be just another tool on par with financial or physical resources. However, we believe that the development of a sound workforce is a crucial part of the development process. The quality of service delivery depends to a large extent on the ability of Human Resource Managers to establish, develop and sustain by ensuring proper motivation and sustainability.

To achieve a high level of satisfaction among the human resources, thereby to produce passionate leaders from within, a highly flexible and problem solving HR management is established. The panel will also work on the implementation of human resources development policies.

Interviews for recruitment of staff and faculty are conducted according to the norms of the AICTE /UGC and the affiliating University. Candidates with higher qualifications will be given incentives. Also teachers acquiring higher qualifications after recruitment also entitled for incentives for higher qualifications.

A teacher is entitled for promotion if he/she completes the required period of services as per norms and having good performance record and also attended required Short Term Training Programmes sponsored by AICTE/ISTE, as per the norms of AICTE/University.