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Sr. No Lab Name Lab Description Lab Image

Various study models of Boilers, Boiler Mounting and Accessories, Engines, Turbines etc.

2 Basic Workshop

All basic Hand tools for the demonstration of the basic shops like fitting shop, carpentry shop, welding shop and Pipe fitting.

3 Machine Shop

Lathe Machine with all standard accessories, Auto Stop Hacksaw Machine, Shaping machine with all standard accessories, Universal Milling Machine, Universal Radial Drilling Machine, All cutting tools and various attachments of machine tools.

Machine Shop
4 Fluid Mechanics

Reynolds Number, Impact of jet on vanes, Venturimeter-Orificemeter, Bernoull’s Apparatus. Meta centric height, pipe friction analysis, notch and weir

Fluid Mechanics
5 Material science and Metallurgy

Microscopic specimen, Jomney quench apparatus , Single disc polishing machine ,

Machine Shop
Material science and Metallurgy
6 Theory of machine & Dynamics of Machinery

Study models of different mechanisms, brakes, clutches, joints, gears etc, performance equipment of Dynamic Balancing Machine, Universal Vibration Apparatus, Torsional Vibration Apparatus Whirling Speed of Shaft, Apparatus of Governors, Cam Follower, Gyroscope., Critical

Theory of machine & Dynamics of Machinery

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