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Committees & Cells

For effective functioning of the institute and organization of various co-curricular & extra-curricular activities, and to comply with the statutory requirements; the following committees are formed. Where ever required, additional members will be inducted by the Conveners.

The scopes of the work of the committees are also specified. The Conveners will decide the activities to be carried out and course of action thereof. The Conveners will also submit the proposals to the under signed for budgetary provision, if needed. The report of activities carried out during the year should be submitted to the Principal from time-to-time, by Conveners of the committees.

Sr. No. Committee and Committee Members Scope of work
1. Anti-Ragging Committee:
1.  Dr. H.N.Shah (Principal) [C]
2.  Prof. Jitendra Prajapati-AP-S&H [CC]

To create awareness and display notices related to anti-ragging as a preventive measure.

To attend complaint about ragging in the campus immediately and investigate the cases to recommend necessary punitive actions.

To comply with Hon. Supreme Court Judgment.


Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

(Training and Placement Committee)
1.  Prof. Mehul Patel-TPO-[C]
2.  Prof. Brijesh Patel-AP-ME [CC]
3.  Prof. Irfan Poladi-AP-CE  

Contact industries for faculty & staff training and project work of students.

Contact industries for consultancy and testing assignments.

Sending the Diwali/Christmas greeting cards & Brochure to the Industries in contact.

3. Women Development Cell:
1.     Dr. H.N.Shah (Principal)
2.     (Ms.) Leena Harwani(Admin)
3.     Prof.(Ms) Usha L.Barad

To protect women’s right to gender equality and provide favorable environment for work/study

To provide forum for women in campus to share information & resources and exchange of idea.

4. SC/ST & Minority Cell
1.    Dr.H.N.Shah (Principal)
2.    Prof.Irfan Poladi APCE
3.    Prof.Kumel Nagori APME
4.    Mr.Kesubhai Parmar(PA to CD)
5.    Ms.Sejal Senma (HR-Asst.)
The Cell is committed to provide assistance to the SC/ST & minority students through counseling, personality development, development of communication skill, remedial coaching, tutorial classes, and preparatory classes for professional and employment purposes, etc. The Cell is actively engaged in coordinating and resolve the problems in the matter of conduct of remedial coaching and other measures with a view to see that the education system succeeds in bringing the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and minorities to a level quantitatively as well as qualitatively indistinguishable from the level of the rest of the society.
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  [C] – Convener [CC] – Co-convener Dr. H.N.Shah Principal

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