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1. Machine Lab

The electrical machine laboratory is intended specifically to meet the needs of modern courses in electrical machines. It is used at undergraduate level for studying the characteristics and operation of dc, induction, synchronous and special machines using state of the art teaching modules. The subjects that are covered in this manual include: characteristics of dc motors and dc generators (separate, series, shunt and compound), determining the parameters and performance characteristics of transformers, and finally the starting methods, speed control and performance of 3-phase induction motors.

machine_lab machine_lab
2. Power Electronics Lab

Power Electronics helps the students to study the power Semi conductor devices and its applications in rectifier, inverter, chopper and resonant converter, to learn the PWM Techniques for both UPS and AC Drive applications. This lab is fully equipped with all types of modules like SCR Firing circuit module, SCR based half and fully controlled converter kit, IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module, chopper module’s based V/I commuted chopper module with firing module., CRO, Isolation  Transformer, single phase Auto Transformer Meters, MOSFET Based step Up and Step Down Choppers module.

The lab has a very dynamic environment with several active research projects. New equipment and Software is already up and running for various experiments.

power_electrical_lab machine_lab
3. Basic Electronics

This lab provides experiments that are related to topics covered in Basic electronic subject. The experiment modules are designed to give students the opportunity to construct circuits and verify theoretical relationships involving diodes, bipolar transistors, and small-signal.

The students are expected to compare experimental results with theoretical concepts, speculate reasons for discrepancies, and learn from deductive reasoning. In this lab, students become familiar with making basic electrical measurements using laboratory instruments such as digital multimeters (DMMs), power supplies, function generators and oscilloscopes.

basic_electronics basic_electronics
4 Analog and Digital Electronics

This laboratory is featured with state-of-the art laboratory equipment such as OP-AMP Trainer, digital trainer board, logic probe, IC tester, IC extractor, digital meters, data switches, and wide ranges of digital ICs of TTL and CMOS series. Students do laboratory experiments on designing combinational and sequential circuits.

5 Control System

At present, students are using ‘Control System Toolbox’ of MATLAB to study the modeling of the open loop and close loop control systems, to find the step response to a system of different orders and types, to design analog and digital control systems using root locus method and PID controller, to find frequency responses using lag/lead compensator, to find the error co-efficient of a system for different type of input signals etc.

6 Elements of Electrical Engineering

This laboratory is featured with state-of-the art laboratory equipment such as basic knowledge of the electrical equipment and electrical knowledge. And also for the wiring idea of the home applicience Students do laboratory experiments on electrical engineering like to measure power, power factor, and efficiency.

elements of electrical_lab

Equipment Details

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab
Sr. No.
Equipment Name
1 Universal Gates Trainer
2 De-Morgan`s Theorem Trainer
3 Encoder and Decoder Trainer
4 Parallel Adder and Subtractor Trainer
5 BCD Adder and Subtractor
6 Counters Trainer
7 Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
8 Astable and Monostable   Multivibrator Trainer
9 Digital Circuits Development Platform
10 Experimentation of OP-AMP Characteristics
11 Op- Amp Trainer
Basic Electronics Lab
Sr. No.
Equipment Name
1 Transistor Characteristics Trainer
2 Zener Diode Voltage Regulator Trainer
3 Diode Characteristics
4 Rectifier Trainer
5 Hartley and Colpitt Oscillators Trainer
6 BJT Ampilfiers and Emitter Follower Trainer
7 FET Characteristics Trainer
8 Transisor Application Trainer
9 Discrete Components Trainer
Control System Lab
Sr. No.
Equipment Name
1 MatLab 2012 a (25 users)
Power Electronics Lab
Sr. No.
Equipment Name
1 Device Characteristic Trainer (SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, MOS-FET, IGBT)
2 Gate/Base triggering circuits trainer (R, RC, UJT, PWM)
3 Single Phase Rectifiers (Half, Full with R, R-L, R-L-E load)
4 Three Phase Rectifiers (Half, Full with R, R-L, R-L-E load)
5 Switch mode DC-DC conveter trainer (Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost)
6 Single Phase AC voltage controller
7 Three Phase AC voltage controller
8 Single Phase Inverter Trainer
9 Three Phase Inverter Trainer

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