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Electrical Engineering

About The Department

With the humble goal to serve mankind in the constant growing technological era, the Gokul foundation Sidhpur initiated the electrical engineering department in 2011. The department offers graduate (B.E) course in electrical engineering in accordance with GTU Ahmedabad. The department contents a well equipped laboratory of Power system, Electrical machine, Control system, Power electronics, Microcontroller, Measurement and Instrumentation laboratories with required hardware and software facilities. The department has highly qualified faculties and staff members to shape the future of the students. It often organizes various co-curriculum activities like technical event, project fair, workshops and seminars with the guidance of government and private bodies. Department also organize the technical visits to various industries across India so as to enhance the state of the art practical knowledge what a present time demands.


Our mission is to offer best training and guidance to student by recognizes their inherent potential to help them to meet their ambitions in the field of electrical engineering also generate fruitful engineer entrepreneurs which could be make India a benchmark for engineering innovations.


Our vision is to make our institute a world class and reliable technical institution with significant international impact and strong local commitment.

Head of the Department
Name: Prof. Viki S. Patel
Designation: Assistant Professor

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