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Sr. No Lab Name Lab Instrument Lab Image
1 Highway Engineering

Magnetic Stirros With Hot Plate ,AGGREGATE Impact Testing Machine,Aggregate Crushing Value App,Length Guage,Coarse Sieve Set,Ductility Testing Machine Pensky Marten,Flash Point App,Stripping Test App,Los Angeles Abrastion Testing Machine,Digital Thermo Meter,Devel Abration Testing Machine,Tile Abrasion Testing Machine,Standard Pentrometer ,SPECIFIC Gravity Bottle,Flakiness Guage

2 Concrete Technology

Vicat Needle Appratus, Aggregate Crushing Value Appratus, Slump Test Appratus, Course Sieve Set 45cm Dia, Fine Sieve Set 20cm Dia, Compaction Factor Appratus, Compression Testing Machine 200 Ton, Hot Air Oven, Density Basket, Measuring Cylinder Glass , G.I. Tray, Sieve Brush, Flakiness Guage, Length Guage Elongation, Tamping Rod, Cylinderical Mould Metal, Glass Thermometer, Density Basket, Measuring Cylinder Glass, G.I. Tray, Sieve Brush, Flakiness Guage, Length Guage Elongation, Tamping Rod, Cylinderical Mould Metal, Glass Thermometer, Cube Mould[7.06 X 7.06 X 7.06 Cm], Cube Mould[15 X 15 X 15 Cm], Vibrating Table, Shieve Shaker Gyrator, Le Chatelier Mould Appratus & Enamel Tray

3 Mechanics of Solids

Impact Testing Machine(1), Rock Well & Brinell Hardness Machine(1), Universal Testing Machine 40 Ton(1), Shear Test Attachment(1), Single Purchase Crab(1), Wheel & Diffrential Axel(1), Combined Inclined Plane & Friction Slide App.(1) & Universal Force Table(1) & Weigth (1 Set)

4 Soil Mechanics

Automatic Soil Compaction Machine,Relative Density Apparatus,Fine Seive Set,Coare Sieve ,soil Hydro Meter Jar ,liquidlimit Device,Core Cutter With Dolly,Sand Pouring Sylinder Small,Consolidation Apparaius,Pycno Meter Bottal , Specific Gravcity Bottal,Shrinkage Limit Set ,proctor Heeqle,Permeabillty Apparatus,Triaxial Cell,Unconfined Compression Tester

5 Earthquake Engineering

Uni-Axial Shake Table With Sarvo Controller,1.Spring Mass Model,2.Shear Wall Model,3.Braking System Model ,4.ponding Effect Model,5.Model Shape Model,6.Model Of Greegnlarities In Stractrire,7.Liqnefection Model,8. Ductile Detailing Model

6 Environment Engineering

Muffle Furnace Digital Temp,Phmeter,Turbidity Meter,Hot Plate,B.O.B Imcubator,Floculator,Cod Digesion Apparutus,Chlorosoope,High Volume Sampler,Conductivity Meter,Whos Bottel,Flask,Mescy Linder,Funnel,Beaker,Pipette,Test Tube 150mm,Burette Stand,Forcepb,Glass Road,Crucibele,Dessicator 20mm,Tound,Indicotor,Reagent Bottel 1000.

Environment_ Engineering
7 Advanced Surveying

Plane Table With Complate Set(3), Prismatic Compass With Stand (3), Optical Square(3), Open Type Cross Staff(3), Octagonal Cross Staff(3), All.Leveling Staff(3), Survey Chain 20mt(3), Survey Chain 30mt(3), Survey Chain 100(3), Fiber Scale 30mt(3), Fiber Scale 100mt(3), Fiber Scale 20mt(3), Ranging Road 3mt (3), Arrows(10), Auto Level With Stand(3), Dumpy Level With Stand(3), Planimeter(3), Freemen Steel Tape 30mt(3), Wooden Pegs(3), Line Ranger(3), Plumb Bob Steel(3), Spirit Level (5), Freemen Steel Tape 30mt(3), Vernier Theodolite With Stand(3), Survey Compass With Stand(3), Pentagraph (3), Digital Theodolite(1), G.P.S.(1) & Total Station(1).

8 Applied Fluid Mechanics

Centrifugal Pump Test Rig,Pipe Surge Water Hummer Appartas,Multi Purpose Tilting Flame 5m Long Ecc Type1,Wind Tunned,Electronics Analogy Apparatus.

Applied_Fluid_ Mechanics
9 Model room

Model Of Raking Shore(1), Door With Frame(5), Window(5), Grilage Foundation(1), King Post Truss(1), Queen Post Truss(1), Beam & Slab Reinforcement(1), Centring Arch(1), Foundation(1), Bricks(1), Piles Of Different Types(1), Spiral Stair(1), Lean To Roof(1) & Stair Cases (3).

10 Design Engineering

Models Of Brick Panel, Multipurpose Bridge…Etc And Design Engineering Posters.

11 Enginering Geology

rocks (specimen),minerals (specimen).


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