School rules

  1. Parents may contact the Principal and the teachers (with the permission of the Principal) during the visiting hours 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the fourth Saturday of the month. In case of any emergency, the parent may contact their wards through the Principal in the school office. Parents are not permitted to visit the classrooms.
  1. Parents should not send their wards to school when he/she is suffering from any serious disease.
  1. Parents should refrain from engaging the school teacher as tutor without prior permission of the principal in writing. Such permission hold valid for one academic year only.
  2. Parents should notify the school of any changes in their residential address and telephone numbers.
  1. Parents should note that distribution of gifts to children and to the teachers is strictly prohibited.
  1. Parents are not allowed to dictate anything on terms and the decisions of the school authorities.
  1. A student and his/her parents will be warned for any misconduct or misbehaviour of the student. However for grave indiscipline or misconduct, long absence without permission or for similar reason or late payments of fees, a student may be removed from the school.
  1. Parents should note that their wards are not allowed to wear any ornaments or bring any valuable articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any articles brought to the school by their ward.
  1. Every care will be taken to ensure the safety of the students in the school and when enroute home-school-home. However the school will not be responsible for anything that may happen to a child beyond control.
  1. All students are expected to speak in English.
  1. Parents and guardians are informed that occasional reports from the teachers are conveniently sent through the calendar and are expected to go through it regularly and sign the messages.
  1. School authority shall see that the principles of discipline are properly observed regularly and implicit obedience should be insisted upon, politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as will as cleanliness of dress and person should be inculcated.
  1. Students are not expected to possess any material, which are not associated with the school activities.
  1. The school does not take any responsibility in case of sickness or accident. This applies to all the accident, which may occur in the laboratories, workshops, outing, picnics, trekking, Swimming, Journeys etc.
  1. The school will do its best to provide medical aid, but school does not take any responsibility beyond control.
  1. The following will entail to the removal of the ward from school:
    • Non-payment of school dues.
    • Constant , unsatisfactory progress
    • Grave insubordination, contempt of authority, bulling, use of abusive language, assaulting in any form.
    • Damaging school property.
    • Misuse of school facilities. (Internet/Lab materials)
    • Politicking and engaging in conspiracy.
  1. Possession of any communication equipments like mobile phone etc is strictly prohibited in the school campus. If it is found with the students, it will be confiscated and no request from the parents/guardian/any other person will be entertained.
  1. Communication between home and the school should be in writing. All correspondence regarding student’s academic work, health, absence etc. should be addressed to the principal only.