Library Rules

  1. A students shall be responsible to compensate the loss or the damage or injury done to books or other library property or by paying the value there of.
  1. In case the damaged book belongs to a set of volumes their reader is liable to replace the complete set of the volumes of the multi-volumed books.
  1. The cost fixed by the library of a damaged books shall to be deposited immediately (on a temporary receipt) with the Librarian which can be refunded as and when the book is replaced.
  1. Each student member shall be allowed to borrow 2 books at a time for a period of 7 days (a week)
  1. An overdue charge Rs.5/- per day shall be charged, if the book is kept over time.
  1. Before leaving the issue counter, a member shall satisfy himself/herself as to whether the book lent to her/him is in sound condition and if not she/he is liable to pay the cost of purchasing a new copy of the book.
  1. Reference books / reserved books and periodical publications are not meant for   loan.
  1. A book on loan may be reserved for a reasonable time provided there is no demand by other students for the same book.
  1. All the student members should return the library books before leaving the school. Transfer Certificate to a student shall not be issued unless she/he produces a “No Dues Certificate” from the Librarian.
  1. A student not returning all the borrowed books before annual examination shall not be allowed to sit in the examination.
  1. All the books should be returned, when demanded by the Librarian.