Initially “AAHVAAN” was an annual technological event of HANSABA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, a premier engineering college in entire North Gujarat region, under the aegis of Gokul Educational Campus, Sidhpur. As per the name suggest Aahvaan means to create ability, imagination along practical lines, and the patience to pay attention to detail for a while.

AAHVAAN is known for hosting a variety of events that include competitions, exhibitions, lectures as well as workshops. Started in 2012 with the aim of providing a platform for the student community to develop and showcase their technical prowess.

The very first edition of AAHVAAN was in 2012. The underlying spirit of AAHVAAN was “to promote technology and scientific thinking and innovation” a motto that has been followed by every students. AAHVAAN-2012 saw the incorporation of HCET students based events like robotics, Robo war, Aqua Robo , Structo , Junk yard and and treasure hunt. Professor Sanjay H Prajapati from ELECTRICAL Department was the chief convener of AAHVAAN 14.

After formation of Gokul Educational Campus in 2015, we spread our horizon of AAHVAAN and frame the entire activity considering the programs we offered in the campus. Moreover we allowed participating out of campus students for the same. AAHVAAN-2015 marked a big milestone in the growth of Techfest as this was the year AAHVAAN became a national event as students from various colleges of Rajasthan also participated in AAHVAAN 15. Professor Bhargav P Majmundar from CIVIL Department was the chief convener of AAHVAAN 15.

AAHVAAN-2016 launched under the tag line of “IGNITING YOUNG MINDS”. The symposium included 12 technical events with major ones like AquaRobo Race, Robo Fight, Model Presentation, Poster Presentation, Junk Yard, LAN Gaming, Treasure Hunt etc. with attractive prizes and participation certificates for the students. More than 1500 students with 300 participants from 15 different colleges of Gujarat and Rajasthan, participated in this symposium. Professor Kumel K Nagori from MECHANICAL Engineering Department was the chief convener of AAHVAAN 16.