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Date: 01-06-2017

For effective functioning of the institute and organization of various co-curricular & extra-curricular activities, and to comply with the statutory requirements; the following committees are formed. Where ever required, additional members will be inducted by the Conveners.

The scopes of the work of the committees are also specified. The Conveners will decide the activities to be carried out and course of action thereof. The Conveners will also submit the proposals to the under signed for budgetary provision, if needed. The report of activities carried out during the year should be submitted to the Principal from time-to-time, by Conveners of the committees.

No. Committee and Committee Members Scope of work
1 Attendance Monitoring Committee:

  • 1. Mr. Jayendrasinh Rajput [C]
  • 2. Mr. Mahendrasinh Rajput [CC]
Students attendance record keeping and monitoring on day-to-day basis. Generation of attendance report on periodical (Every fortnight) basis and send this data to PA to principal for sending SMS to parents. Coordinate and counsel students and parents during attendance related meetings, and send modified/changed mobile number of parents to PA to principal.
2 Anti-Ragging Committee:

  • 1. Prof.Pratik Vihol (Principal) [C]
  • 2. Mr. Jayendrasinh Rajput [CC]
To create awareness and display notices related to anti-ragging as a preventive measure. To attend complaint about ragging in the campus immediately and investigate the cases to recommend necessary punitive actions.
3 Cultural Program Committee:

  • 1. Mr. Jayendrasinh Rajput [C]
  • 2. Mr. Mahendrasinh Rajput [CC]
Plan the annual cultural activities of the students like: Annual day celebration, SharadpurnimaGarba, different days etc. within budgetary provisions; getting sponsorship as and when possible to these organizations. Plan and execute events during Republic day and Independence day celebrations.
4 Time Table Committee:

  • 1. Prof.Pratik Vihol [C]
  • 2. Mr. Jayendrasinh Rajput[CC]
Prepare the class time table and individual faculty time table based on teaching load distribution Arrange to send attendance report and internal marks (when exam is conducted) to the parents every month with help of Faculty.
5 Department Activity Committee:

  • 1. Mr. Jayendrasinh Rajput [C]
  • 2. Mr. Mahendrasinh Rajput [CC]
One faculty member has been nominated from each trade to collect, compile and maintain his/her departments ‘Activity Report’ on a progressive basis. This department ‘Activity Report’ will contain data about everything happening related to event, industry/site visit, expert lecture delivered, faculty going for workshop/seminar/conference training etc. Any faculty member of the department performing any of the above tasks, will prepare a short write-up along with photograph of the task and send it by e-mail to the faculty nominated for ‘Activity Report’ for his department, within 2-3 days of the task/event.
6 Laboratory stock verification Committee:

  • 1. Mr. Jayendrasinh Rajput [C]
Maintain Dead stock Register of Lab Equipments Prepare developmental plan for the Laboratory. Record keeping, maintenance and up-dation of laboratory instruments.
7 A-V Aids Committee:

  • 1. Mr. Jayendrasinh Rajput [C]
To Ensure that the required A-V aids (OHP, Multimedia Projector, PA system etc.) are properly working in the institute (specifically in the seminar halls) and these made available in working conditions for the functions at Institute level on time. Ensure functionality and maintenance of these A-V aids at all the times.